Julian Wojczynski
Program Architect
Julian is the Program Architect behind the brain training curriculum and practicum at Brain Training Pro. After being hit by a car at the age of 8, it took him 27 years to get his memory back of the incident and stabilize the functionality of his brain. Along the way to retraining his brain he became a multipotentialite with specialized skills in graphic and information design, systems architecture, organizational development, proactive coaching systems, brain training activations and ontological leadership. As an individual, his passion is converting potential into actual in physical reality. His mission is uplifting individuals to upgrade organizations by giving people access to simple systems that make a massive impact in actualizing remarkable futures. He lives in Toronto with his wife and son.
Iffy Kazim
Finance and Operations Manager
Chris Mitchell
Business Support Technologist
Emilie Barnabe
Research and Development Team Leader
Uynghiem Ngo
Lead Generation


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