Reprogram Your Mind Through Breath™ is a Coaching Activation Series founded on Neuro-Ontological Activation™ (N.O.A.™).

This series was designed to give you the opportunity to bypass your low brain wave mind structures and access your programmable high brain wave mind.

Core Benefits

Throughout this series you will:

  1. Access a direct pathway for reducing stress and anxiety
  2. Feed your brain with a continual stream of energy
  3. Shift outdated points of view to solve conflicting ideas
  4. Enhance your ability to direct your life
  5. Interact with others in a way that elicits collaboration
  6. Upgrade under-utilized and/or dormant regions of the brain

Core Features

By using a combination of Activated Breath (programmable sequences of breath that trigger gamma brainwaves) and Activated Word (actionable speech) you will have the power to convert low brainwave congestion into full spectrum brainwave coherence.

The 9-Breath Operational System includes the following breathing sequences:

  1. Source
  2. Action
  3. Clearing
  4. Increase
  5. Decrease
  6. Enable
  7. Disable
  8. Flat
  9. Complete

Intention for the 8-Session Series

  • To reprogram the mind through activated breath as a lifestyle practice resulting in ease, flow and peace of mind.

Intended Outcomes

  • Maintaining brain health and generating well-being are simple to accomplish and give a noticeable functionality increase to all participants.
  • Boosting gamma brain waves is supporting the body to adapt to EMF radiation and has resulted in increased vitality, dreams and a coherent data flow.


  • 8 Activations 
  • Each Activation is 2.5 hours in length
  • Delivered online via ZOOM Teleconference
    • To ensure optimal delivery participation is limited to 9 subscribers
  • Schedule
    • Series 1
      • Tuesday, May 7
      • Tuesday, May 21
      • Tuesday, June 4
      • Saturday, June 18
    • Series 2
      • Dates To Be Determined
    • Please note: Participation in the Breath Habit Builder™ and beyond the baSIX™ during the program is highly recommended.


  • $247*

    *Introductory pricing subject to change.
  • Tuition is for 1 series (4 Activations).
  • Tuition includes unlimited access to the baSIX Club™ valued at $194


  • To participate, complete the application here.

Free Resources

  • Download the Activated Breath 3-System here.
    • Program participants will receive additional breathing sequences to practice.

Activation Process

  • Activations are a 4 step process:
    • Declare a clear intention with a way of being and acting and activate it with breath
    • Close eyes, connect with and share a memory that contains the way of being and acting declared in the intention
    • Convert the energy stored in the memory that contains the way of being and acting through the appropriate breathing sequence
    • Take a new action step based upon the key takeaway realized during the activation to integrate your upgrade for the new way of being and acting
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