The Business Navigation Course™ is a practical training ground designed to navigate the complexity of the business world by exploring social intelligence and organizational wisdom as a lifestyle practice.

Navigation, as defined by Merriam-Webster is:

  1. The act or practice of steering, directing the course of, or finding a way through.
  2. The science of figuring out the position and course of a ship or aircraft

Over the course of 8 sessions you will upgrade your operational framework for business with the purpose of upgrading your business navigational skills.

Guided by Master Business Navigator Robert Chun, The Business Navigation Courseis a unique opportunity to find your place and value as a business person intending to effectively navigate the Post-Informational world of business.

Core Benefits

Throughout this series you will:

  1. Access your pathway for wealth
  2. Feed your business know-what, know-how, know-when and know-why
  3. Shift outdated points of view that no longer apply in today’s business environment
  4. Enhance your ability to synchronize with the environment
  5. Course correct and pivot your business to go beyond hyper-competition
  6. Upgrade your business growth and development methodology

Intention for the 10-Session Series

  • To leave you navigating the complexity of business with an upgraded mindset that gives a refreshing foundation for adapting to the reality of business today.

Intended Outcomes

  • Each participant gets clear on the essential levers and dials to navigate their business
  • Create the foundation for being an effective business navigator in any business condition


  • Day: Saturday
  • Duration: 5 months
  • Sessions: 10
  • Time: 12 noon to 2:15 pm EST
  • Each session is 2 hours in length with a 15 minute Q&A
  • Delivered online (Device with mic is required)
    • All sessions will be recorded.
  • Schedule
    • Session 1: May 12
    • Session 2: May 19
    • Session 3: June 9
    • Session 4: June 23
    • Session 5: July 7
    • Session 6: July 21
    • Session 7: August 4
    • Session 8: August 18
    • Session 9: September 8
    • Session 10: September 22


  • Option 1:
    • $197 + HST per month
    • Subscribe with Paypal
  • Option 2:
    • $897 + HST one-time payment for entire program (10 sessions)
    • Pay with Paypal
      *introductory pricing. Prices subject to change.


  • Please give us more details about what you intend to accomplish here.
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