BTP Core Team Program

The BTP Core Team Program is an Activation, Training and Development system designed to transfer our knowledge to those who are trainable and have the willingness to do what it takes.

Created as an apprenticeship it is a part-time commitment that we offer as a community service with the intent of empowering up and coming leaders and those who intend to learn the skill of building harmonious business organizations.

The premise of the training is being able to seek, see and seize an opportunity (what an entrepreneur does) and convert it into a business organization that, over time, can extract the true value of the opportunity.

In this context we define value as what is needed and wanted by a specific market and the resulting feedback loop into the company via revenue which enables more of what is needed and wanted to be produced and delivered.

What’s in it for us is having trained people that we can work with inside of our culture, systems and methodology.

Apply here. Select individuals will be contacted.


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