Planning: Routine and Practice

If you are alive,
  • Can you stop moving?
  • Can you stop being?
  • Can you stop acting?
You can’t.
Moving, being and acting occur as a function of being human.
So for planning purposes where does that leave you?
What you have complete power over is the design of your moving, being and acting.
This power exists directly in the design of your action.
Action builds routine and practice.
A practice is adding extra to ordinary activities.
Practices generate your next level.
A routine is doing the ordinary activities that are expected of you.
Routines maintain your current level.
It is the accumulated effect of your routine and practice that gives momentum.
The flow lives in the momentum of the design of your routine and practice.
Now… you want results.
What you have to recognize is that in reality there is no correlation between actions and results.
In this sense, individual action does not produce results.
However, there is a complete correlate of your actions over time.
As a result, it is recommended to build in beginner’s mind into your routine and action so you can experience it newly moment by moment.

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