Success is choosing certain behaviours and sticking to it with routines and practices.
Success is what happens after a lot of work. Success is not possible to get or maintain without doing work.
Success is repetition, consistency and lots of course corrections over time.
While there are countless models for success we define success inside of two 4-step ‘formulas.’
The first formula is designed to achieve success.
The second formula is designed to master your success over time.
4-Step Formula #1 for success can be expressed as:
Planning + Attention + Intention + Results

Learning the mechanics of planning, attention, intention and what it takes to produce results consistently over time is the first goal of success. An intention has to be kept in existence or it will simply disappear.

4-Step Formula #2 for success can be expressed as:
Attention + Intention + Focus + Imagination
When you integrate planning as a behaviour you can now use your attention, intention and focus to free your imagination without getting lost in it. 
With your imagination backed by attention, intention and focus there is nothing in the way of you mastering your success.

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