True partnership is a rare phenomenon in the world. This is because people operate as individuals with their own personal agendas pretending (often times, for a long time) to be “in” the same game with you – however, after many years their counter intention comes to the surface.
When the counter intention surfaces it results in chaos and destruction – AKA the blame game. In this state there is “confusion” and a lack of presence resulting in a condition of NO RESULTS.
In these instances, “Avoidance of responsibility” and “Avoidance of causality” are the thieves of conscious awareness. They rob energy and thwart the intent of true partnership: producing perpetual value in service to a vision and mission that makes a difference for yourself, others and the world.
Those who are bold and courageous enough to take full responsibility and be at cause of whatever “circumstances” arose move to new realities faster than you can blink.
For you see… the real results in the world always get produced with human beings who work interdependently, and who understand the value of synergy. This is the true pathway of wealthy human beings.
Those who do not get this, will inevitably get stuck in the “circumstances” – think circum=circle, stance=position = circular position – and, quite literally, spin their wheels in the same spot as their brain/body/being struggles to untangle itself from the duality (and trap) of being a dependent (less than) / independent (more than) individual. This is a limited construct. In the context of partnership, there is no cheese at the end of this tunnel !!
In partnership what you get is that you belong. You get what your value is. You get your Self Worth. You get your contribution to others. And, you also get your weaknesses. You know what you suck at. And by doing so, you make your weaknesses irrelevant because, ultimately, your partners will have your back.

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