Falling Values

The game of life and business is really about the game of inventing value that people need and want.
At Level 1 value is consumed.
At Level 2 value is produced.
At Level 3 value is created.
At Level 4 value is inherent – it is simply a function of life itself (as emanation).
The level you occupy most of the time gives access to different people, places and things.
As you play the game of life and business you will notice the following ‘players’ on the game-board:
1. Consumers who consume more than they produce. 
2. Producers who produce more than they consume.
3. Creators who create more than they produce.
4. Emanators who emanate (cause to flow forth) the space for creation to be.
We are all consumers on the game-board. That is to say, we all consume something – food, drink, music, media etc. The question is, will you rise above being a consumer? 
If you do, something interesting will happen. You will experience an expanded sense of awareness and initiate the process to return yourself to the position of being a contributor contributing to life.
Thus, the game of life and business is actually about producing, creating and tapping into the source of life itself such that new value shows up that people need and want.
Are you game?

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