Life is not only about reaching your highest potential.
That is only a part of the process.
Once you reach your highest potential you must learn to generate that potential.

Generating potential takes work.

Generating your highest potential takes more work than you initially imagine.

If you do the work of generating your highest potential, you must then consistently and reliably convert that potential into effective action.
Through action the potential will convert into results (actualized potential).
At some point the result will be a ‘failure.’
After the drama subsides and you relate to failure as object lessons in how physical reality operates you will realize your action was ineffective and somewhere you skipped a step, or two or three – or maybe you even skipped entire developmental cycles.
Over time, you will learn from your ‘failures’ and realize those failures were simply stepping stones to actualizing your highest potential in physical reality – in its complete expression, moment by moment as you live life – right now and right now.
Then you will meet your true Self.
In that moment in time you will experience Self Invention.
Invention is the highest form of creation.
It is an original act of creation – that is to say, something that has not happened before.
The reason that Self Invention hasn’t happened before, is because YOU haven’t happened before – at least not on that level.
In this moment you will cry from pure joy.
In this moment your potential is actualized.
In this moment you will realize it was you all along generating your Being, Self, Experience and Feeling in life in its entirety.

Life is a mind job that can only be accomplished by a brilliant BEING !

And that BEING happens to be YOU !!

Question is… will you give permission to your BEING to come out and PLAY so your potential can be actualized ?



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