Making a Difference

Are YOU someone that wants to make a powerful, positive difference in the world?

In the Club that we run we say that to make a difference in the world is to impact 2% of the global population.

However, all games to make a difference have to begin somewhere. Let’s break the game of making a difference down so it is simple to understand.

Current global population is about 7,415,000,000 people.

2% represents 148,300,000 people.

Now, let’s go a 5 levels deeper . . .

2% of 148,300,000 is 2,966,000 people.
2% of 2,966,000 is 59,320 people.
2% of 59,320 is 1,186 people.
2% of 1,186 is 24 people.
Finally 2% of 24 is 1 person.

To make a difference in the world, begin by making an impact with one person and do not stop until the difference you are committed to making is accomplished.

Then, step 2 is to create a game to impact 24 people.
Next, step 3 is to impact 1,186 people.
Next, step 4 is to impact 59,320 people.
Next, step 5 is to impact 2,966,000 people.
Finally, step 6 is to impact 148,300,000 people.

As you can see, there are 6 steps to reach your objective of making a difference.

So how do you reach it?

Listen and provide value that others need and want.

This is another way of saying, build a harmonious organization that provides what is needed, wanted and requested by people in your community — and ensure your organization synchronizes with others to provide it at the right time, location and price-point.

Is this too simple?

The good news is difference making was never meant to be complicated.

Turn the complexity of your life into simplicity. Play the game with a heart of gold and a soul full of love and no-thing will stand in your way.

As you do you will access realms of abundant affluence expressed as health, wealth and stealth for your brain, body and way of being.

This path will give you access into your legacy initiative, massive success and a continual stream of miracles.

If you are interested in playing the game with us join the baSIX Club on Facebook.


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