Operationally, Intention is that which makes physical and nonphysical reality happen.

The trouble with intention is that it is a word, and as such it is misunderstood and used incorrectly most of the time.

For example, it is a mistake to turn intention into a want, need, wish, dream or desire. These words have their place but they are not to be co-mingled with intention.

First and foremost, intention exists in the domain of being.

“Language is the house of being. In its home man dwells.” Martin Heidegger

Intention is always created in language from a neutral, observer state. This is the core characteristic that makes intention work for human beings.

Intention holds space for both positive charges (Healers of Life) and negative charges (Teachers of Life).

The purpose of positive charges is to drive energy to take action in physical reality. This outputs results which are accomplished with systematized routines.

The purpose of negative charges is to increase processing power for systems-level awareness of nonphysical reality. This outputs outcomes which are accomplished with a set of practices to upgrade operational paradoxes.

Processing negative charges does not provide energy for taking action in physical reality (eg. produce results), but it does allow you to access new data streams that can upgrade the effectiveness of your action to develop your character.

Intention is the program that observes the process of both positive and negative and selects from choice the regulators required to effectively convert both positive and negative charges to create whole brain synchronization.

When used correctly intention gives space for all of life to show up just the way it is — and the way it isn’t — without causing reactions or upsets. Space, by definition, is “the unlimited or incalculably great three-dimensional realm or expanse in which all material objects are located and all events occur.” (

Working with Intention is actually an executive-level skill as it requires the creation of a neutral observer space for things to simply be — just the way they are and the way they are not. As soon as intention is used to get something — as a tactic or a strategy — it stops being an intention and becomes a counter-intention. In this case, you will get the opposite of what you originally intended.

Thus, since reality happens whether we like it or not, it is wise to examine what we bring into existence by looking at the intentions we create in language.

To be fulfilled effectively an intention must be held above all circumstances and the moment it is not active it must be re-presenced such that you can be neutral and live from an observer state. This is easier said than done since our lower brain wave mind is busy assessing, evaluating and placing positive or negative judgments on people, places and things virtually all the time.

What makes intentions work is backing it with your will and connecting it without any attachment to a clearly defined goal or aim with results, outcomes and action steps.

To discover your intention look closely at the reality that you consistently and persistently make happen.

You may be surprised what you discover!


by Julian Wojczynski

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